Neuropsychology Services

About Pediatric Neuropyschology

A pediatric neuropsychologist is a licensed psychologist with expertise in how learning and behavior are associated with the development of brain structures and systems. Neuropsychological evaluations are conducted to diagnose learning or behavior disorders caused by altered brain function or development. Neuropsychology services at Northwest Neurobehavioral Health are available to individuals ages 2 years of age and up.

Neuropsychology services are recommended when a child has:

  1. Difficulty with: Learning, attention, behavior, socialization, and emotional control
  2. Disease or inborn developmental problem that affects the brain in some way
  3. A brain injury from an accident, birth trauma, or physical stress

Benefits of neuropsychological evaluations:

Neuropsychological evaluations assist in better understanding a child’s functioning in areas such as memory, attention, perception, coordination, language, and personality. Gaining insight in these areas helps the child’s teacher, therapists, and physician provide treatments/ interventions that will meet the child’s unique needs.

Evaluations assess:

  • General intellect
  • Achievement skills
  • Executive skills, such as organization, planning, inhibition, and flexibility
  • Attention
  • Learning and memory
  • Language
  • Visual–spatial skills
  • Motor coordination
  • Behavioral and emotional functioning
  • Social skills


How do neuropsychological evaluations differ from educational evaluations?

Psychoeducational evaluations are usually performed to determine whether a child qualifies for special education programs or therapies to enhance school performance. They focus on achievement and skills needed for academic success. Generally, they do not diagnose learning or behavior disorders caused by altered brain function or development.