Counseling Services

Northwest Neurobehavioral Health, LLC offers individual, family and group counseling services for children and their families experiencing neurological, developmental, emotional, or behavioral differences who can benefit from additional support and ongoing therapeutic involvement. Therapy is structured to address the social-emotional needs of children and their families, increase adaptive coping and self-regulation skills, decrease at-risk behaviors, educate for life-long change and empower caregivers to adapt to the unique strengths and needs of their child.  A diagnosis does not take into consideration individual or family strengths, structure, personality or capability for resiliency.  Therefore, treatment plans are built with individualized goals and objectives reached through collaboration with the child, the caregivers, and the multi-disciplinary team at NNH, and implemented using best practice methods from a variety of perspectives.   The overall goal of treatment is to assist children and families in achieving the child’s developmental potential while improving the child’s capability for fulfilling social interactions and maximizing their functioning in the home, school and community environments.