Autism Diagnostic Clinic

About the Autism Diagnostic Clinic

The Autism Diagnostic Clinic provides comprehensive evaluation services to children with symptoms that may indicate the presence of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our mission is to improve the quality of life and accessibility to services for children with ASD and their families.

Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of specialists in child psychiatry, clinical psychology, pediatric neuropsychology, speech language pathology, and occupational therapy. Services include: diagnostic evaluations, treatment planning, referrals, ongoing consultation, and additional services.

Today, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) affect approximately 1 in 91 children. Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability, with a growth rate of over 10% per year. Research shows, early intervention is crucial to improving long-term developmental outcomes for children with ASD. Northwest Neurobehavioral Health, LLC has established the Autism Diagnostic Clinic to meet the growing community need by providing early diagnosis and intervention for children with ASD.

Autism Diagnostic Clinic Provides

  • Early screening
  • Developmentally appropriate assessment
  • Comprehensive evaluation
  • Multidisciplinary team approach to diagnosis
  • Early intervention
  • Collaboration with other Professionals

Types of Disorders Assessed

  • Autistic Disorder
  • Asperger’s Disorder
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified (PDD NOS)

Assessments Investigate

  • Physical/neurological wellbeing
  • Cognitive development
  • Social skills
  • Play skills
  • Communication skills
  • Motor abilities and sensory concerns
  • Emotional/behavioral adjustment

Signs & Symptoms of ASD in Children

  • Lack of or delay in spoken language
  • Repetitive use of language and/or motor mannerisms (e.g., hand-flapping, spinning)
  • Loss of language or social skills at any age
  • Limited or minimal eye contact
  • Lack of interest in peer relationships
  • Lack of spontaneous or make-believe play
  • Persistent fixation on parts of objects
  • Unusual pattern, tone, or rhythm in Speech

Ages Eligible for Assessment
Children and adolescents, ages 18 months to 18 years.