Megan LaRitchie, LMSW

Megan LaRitchie, LMSWMegan LaRitchie earned her Bachelor of Psychology degree and her Master of Social Work degree from Boise State University. Prior to obtaining her master’s degree, Megan worked as a Community Based Rehabilitation Specialist, serving children who experience emotional and behavioral disturbances and working with them to develop coping and social skills. Megan interned at NNH in 2020 and loved it so much she decided to stay after graduation and begin her career as a licensed clinician.

Megan’s therapeutic philosophy is that individuals will begin to heal and thrive when their experiences, feelings, and perceptions are acknowledged in a safe space, and when they can work through challenges at their own pace with a non-judgmental helper by their side.

Megan primarily serves adults and teens who experience depressive and anxiety disorders, as well as children who have experienced trauma and would be good candidates for Client Centered Play Therapy.