Jenine Hain, MS, Intern

Jenine Hain, MS, InternOur current intern, Jenine Hain, traded palm trees for potatoes when she moved to Idaho from Fort Lauderdale, FL. She grew up in Kentucky and obtained her undergraduate degree from Ohio University, and now she is currently finishing up her final year of doctoral training through Nova Southeastern University. She has experience in providing therapy services to adolescents with mood disorders and in adult neuropsychological assessment. She enjoys engaging in both assessment and therapy, primarily with adolescents and adults.

When not at NNH or studying, Jenine enjoys spending time with her husband. They’ve discovered a new interest in hiking and plan to explore as much of this side of the country as they can, especially with their new pup. When solo, Jenine prefers to curl up with a cup of hot tea and get lost in the pages of magical fantasy worlds.